New Student Checklist

Welcome to PennCHIPS! We are thrilled that you have joined our community to improve healthcare right here, right now. We encourage you to review the list below to ensure that you start off your program right and are prepared for what is to come.

The CHIPS Master Student Handbook can be found here.

The CHIPS Certificate Student Handbook can be found here.

We know that with your busy schedule, you have to plan well in advance. The CHIPS administrative team typically knows specific HQS course dates prior to the start of the academic year. You can find summer 2022, fall 2022 and spring 2023 dates here.

Typically, programs will list their course semester in the Course Catalog. If you cannot find schedules for an elective you are interested in,  reach out to department administrative team.

We encourage all students to create a draft plan of study to determine your ideal schedule for taking required courses and electives.

MHQS students are required to meet with their Program Advisor at matriculation to agree on the best plan of study. A template for MHQS plan of study can be found here.

Not sure who your Program Advisor is? Reach out to


If you do not currently have a PennKey, you will be emailed a PennKey Setup Code to the email address you supplied during the application process. Follow the instructions to register your PennKey.

If you have not received your setup code yet, contact the PennKey office:


Follow the instructions on the PennCard website to obtain your student PennCard.

Employees of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, and CHOP may be eligible for tuition benefits. If you are employed outside of the above named institution,  please refer to your employee handbook.

University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, and CHOP Tuition Benefits Tip Sheet

UPenn Full Time Faculty and Staff

CHOP Staff
CHOP Education Assistance FAQ

Penn Medicine Staff
Tuition Assistance Guide

Your bio will be included on the Penn CHIPS Current Student web page. Please make sure you have sent your preferred bio and headshot and that your bio is up to date.

It is crucial that the Penn Directory reflects the email address that you will be using. You will have access to Canvas courses and course evaluations through this email address.

Update your directory data here.

If you do not have an email address and would like one, reach out to (This is optional)

We understand the value of community and connecting with your peers while completing academic programs. We have created a Slack workspace for CHIPS students.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Slack, it is a messaging application that allows you to communicate with the entire group or direct message each other.

If you have not received a link to join, reach out to

You can download the app on your computer and/or phone.

    • Slack for Windows
    • Slack for Mac
    • To download the app on your phone, search your App Store for Slack
    • Manage your notification settings to your preference – you can find a guide here.

Canvas is a web-based learning management system or LMS. Each course has its own online Canvas course where you will find your syllabus, assignments and more.

Before the start of each course, you will receive an invite to the Canvas course. You can find all of your courses here.

New to Canvas? Here is a quick overview video for students.

If you already have a Quality Improvement and/or Patient Safety title (ex Quality Improvement Director for the XXX Division, etc.), let us know! Additionally, if you obtain a new title throughout your time in the Penn CHIPS program, please let us know.

For MHQS Students Only: