Frequently Asked Questions - Current Students

Using your PennKey, log into Path@Penn

You register for courses during Advanced Registration or Open Registration. You can find exact dates on the Academic Calendar.

HQS required courses are typically held on Thursdays.

You can find specific dates for the current academic year here.

You can reach out to the Program Directors (Drs. Jennifer Myers and Kathy Shaw) for guidance on what elective may be best aligned with your career goals.

If you have an elective in mind and would like feedback from your CHIPS colleagues who may have taken the course already, we suggest dropping a message in Slack* to ask about specific experiences.

If there is an elective that you are interested in outside of Penn CHIPS HQS courses, please send the syllabus to the CHIPS administrative team to request approval of the elective.

*Not a part of the CHIPS Slack community? Reach out to to join.

Students should receive their course materials in Canvas or via email before classes begin. If you have not received anything when classes begin, please reach out to the course director.

Classroom locations and times will be posted on PennInTouch

For HQS courses, you may reach out to if you are unable to find the location.

Any additional questions should be redirected to the Registrar office.

Registrar email:

Phone:  215-898-6636

Fax: 215-573-2076

Call the Penn Student Wellbeing Compliance Office: (215) 746-4200  

Current students should contact Stacey Riley with questions at