Master in Healthcare Quality and Safety

Program Description

See an opportunity for change?
You want the best for your patients and colleagues. With Penn’s Master of Healthcare Quality and Safety, you’ll learn how to operationalize your insights for improved patient outcomes and an optimal healthcare environment.

The goal of the MHQS is to provide in-depth didactic instruction and hands-on experience to current healthcare professionals who aim to improve the quality and safety of healthcare, locally, regionally or nationally. This program will prepare students to pursue careers in healthcare administration and leadership that may be broad (e.g. director of quality and safety for a healthcare system or hospital) or more focused (e.g. positions that oversee population health, health equity, patient safety, value-based care for a healthcare system, department, or organization). Some graduates will combine their clinical and academic careers with a focus on healthcare quality and safety leadership, others will go on to pure leadership positions.

Program Benefits
  • Students benefit from one-on-one mentoring by leading experts in quality improvement, helping boost student careers and leadership skills, while partaking of multidisciplinary courses across many of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious schools.
  • From the start, students are empowered to make a difference in improving healthcare quality, equity, and patient outcomes in their workplaces.
  • Students create networks of like-minded change-makers across health professions.
  • Students learn to work together with diverse professionals across healthcare — from physicians and nurses to veterinarians and social workers — with the common goal of improving equity and outcomes in healthcare.
  • Students gain new tools for addressing immediate challenges in their workplace — from improving equity to reducing medication errors to improving patient tracking and follow-up — as well as making a lasting impact across health systems to benefit both patients and staff.
  • The MHQS program offers accommodating schedules that let busy practitioners and administrators work full time while they learn to shape the future of healthcare delivery.

The MHQS program is certified through The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) as of July 12, 2021. The program is certified indefinitely, with no re-certification requirement. The program will seek accreditation from CAHME in 2028. 

Executive Format (in person & online components)
2-3 Years
10 CUs
“As a specialist working in the same field for over a decade, that unique feeling of discovery I had coming up through Med school and residency of gaining a skill set that can make a difference hasn’t been this fresh in a long time.” – Joshua I.S. Bleier, MD, Professor of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, PennCHIPS graduate