April Taylor, MS, MHA, CPPS, CPHQ


BS, Exercise Science, George Washington University

MHA, Health Administration, University of Pittsburgh

MS, Applied Statistics, West Chester University

Description of Expertise

April M. Taylor, MS, MHA, FACHE, CMQ/OE, CLSSBB, CPPS, CPHQ is the Senior Director of Improvement and Project Management for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Practice Plan Association (CHOPPA) and the Director of Quality and Patient Safety for the Department of Pediatrics. In her roles, April provides leadership for improving care and business processes within physician practice through transparency, collaboration, and mutual learning. April’s expertise is in analytics, operations engineering, and improvement methods including Lean, Six Sigma and the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework.

April is a Commissioner for the National Association of Healthcare Quality’s Healthcare Quality Certification Commission (HQCC) and is the outgoing chair of HQCC’s Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) Examination Committee, which oversees the development of certification examinations for healthcare quality professionals both nationally and internationally. She is also an examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and a lead examiner and trainer for the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence.

Selected Publications

Natarajan SS, Stagg A, Taylor A, et al. Standardization of the Perioperative Management for Neonates Undergoing the Norwood Operation for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Related Heart Defects. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, July 2020.

Kaushal T, Lord K, Olsen R, Mehta S, Clark S, Laskin B, Traynor D, Taylor, A et al. Improving Disposition Decision-Making for Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Quality Improvement Study. Pediatric Quality & Safety, Vol 5, Issue 2, p.e260. March/April 2020.

Marchese R, Taylor A, Voorhis C, Wall J, Szydlowski E, and Shaw K. A Framework for Quality Assurance of Pediatric Revisits to the Emergency Department. Pediatric Emergency Care. February 2020.

Myers JS, Lane-Fall M, Humphrey K, Sato L Shaw KS, Taylor A, Tess AV. Demonstrating the Value of Post-Graduate Fellowships for Physicians in Quality & Safety. BMJ Qual Saf. January 2020.

Siddique SM, Porges S, Lane-Fall M, Mehta SJ, Schweickert W, Kinniry J, Taylor A, et al. Reducing Hospital Admissions for Paracentesis: A Quality Improvement Intervention. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Vol 17, Issue 13, Pages 2630-2633. December 2019.

Bayer N, Taylor A, Atabek, Z, Santolaya J, Bamat T, Washington N. Should We Call You Mom and Dad? Caregiver Preferences and Pediatric Physician and Nurse Manner in Greetings. Hospital Pediatrics. Vol 9, Issue 12, Pages 989-992. November 2019.

Mittal S, Marlowe L, Blakeslee S, Zieniuk G, Doshi S, Gray BJ, Bowen M, Oleaga L, Carbone K, Aumaier BL, Taylor A. Successful use of quality improvement methodology to reduce inpatient length of stay in bronchiolitis through judicious use of intermittent pulse oximetry. Hospital Pediatrics. Vol 9, Issue 2, Pages 73-78. February 2019.

Wood SM, McGeary A, Wilson M, Taylor A, Aumaier B, Petsis D, Campbell K. Effectiveness of a Quality Improvement Intervention to Improve Rates of Routine Chlamydia Trachomatis Screening in Female Adolescents Seeking Primary Preventive Care. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. Vol 32, Issue 1, Pages 32-38. February 2019.

Lengetti E, Kronk R, Ulmer K, Wilf K, Murphy D, Rosanelli M, Taylor A. An innovative approach to educating nurses to clinical competence: A randomized controlled trial. Nurse Education Practice. Vol 33, Pages 159-163, November 2018.

Webster J, Shaw K, Shea J, Taylor A, Verma R.  Understanding the Variation in Use of Screening DXA Scans in Pediatric Patients with Celiac Disease.  International Journal of Celiac Disease. Vol. 5, No. 4, Pages 155-158, November 2017.

Heneghan M, Hart J, Dewan M, Wu K, Hope K, Taylor A et al. No Cause for Alarm: Decreasing Inappropriate Pulse Oximetry Use in Bronchiolitics. Hospital Pediatrics. Vol 8, Issue 2, Pages 109-111. January 2018.

Shaw K, Tanzer L, Keren R, Taylor A, et al. Part 4 Maintenance of Certification: From Trial to Tribute. The Journal of Pediatrics.  Volume 185, Pages 4-5.e1, June 2017.

Lavelle J, Blackstone M, Funari M, Roper C, Lopez P, Schast A, Taylor A, Voorhis C, Henien M, Shaw K. Two-Step Process for ED UTI Screening in Febrile Young Children:  Reducing Catheterization Rates. Pediatrics. Volume 138, Issue 1, e20153023, June 2016.

Clark S, Taylor A, Shaw K and Copelovitch L. Making Every Drop Count for Pediatric Kidney Transplant Patients. Hospital Pediatrics. Vol 5, Issue 5, Pages 287-289, May 2015.

Taylor A, Lizzi M, Marx A, et al. Implementing a Care Coordination Program for Children with Special Healthcare Needs: Partnering with Families and Providers. Journal for Healthcare Quality. Vol 35, Issue 5, Pages 70-77, September/October 2013.

Taylor A, Chuo J, Altmann A, et al. Using Four-Phased Unit-Based Patient Safety Walkrounds to Uncover Correctable System Flaws. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. Vol 39, Issue 9, Pages 396-403, September 2013.

Marx A, Shaw K, Taylor A, et al. Department of Pediatrics Chair’s Initiatives: Promoting Innovation and Improvement through Collaboration, Accountability, and Faculty Development. The Journal of Pediatrics. Vol 161, Pages 377-378.e1, September 2012.


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